About us

Skaiteks America Corp leads on the supply of high quality electrical products and equipments in the power energy business, with a wide experience as a provider for power utilities, manufacturers, distributors and contractors.


Our experience and diversity allow us to meet the most specific technical needs of our customers. With our brand IL&C (Insulators Lights and Cables) customers satisfy their needs of Aluminum rods, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Bare Conductors, ACSR, ACAR, Steel Galvanized Strands, Porcelain and Polymer insulators, Porcelain and Polymer Fuse Cutouts, Polymer Surge Arresters, LED Hall Lights, High Pressure Sodium Lamps, Photoelectric Controls.


Our experience reach supplies out of the United States in countries as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Products